Sunday, April 06, 2008

pookster bear

so this was a couple months ago and pookster and i didnt wanna be adults for the day so we drove to the ocean and watched the sun set and it was beautiful. i made a love note in the sand for her too.
this was when we first started hanging out last summer, i took her to olympia for the first time and we spent the day at the lake then went to the capital.
that day we went to the ocean. it was very cold and my hat was awesome. i had men chasing me ALL OVER !!!!!! haha
at the rock a few weeks ago

random pictures i just found

girls night at my house..carols a nut.
baby in time out! :o)
this was christmas eve i think with my cousins.. we all said we were gonna moon but josh and kori are the only ones as you can see that actually did it. eagerly.